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JGS SA is a company activated in the field of furniture upholstery, car's upholstery, mattresses &  furniture materials. We are choosing for you foam rubber, polyester materials, leather, simil leather, artificial leather, fabrics, upholstery nails, bed bases, mattresses, metal / wooden legs, etc, which complies quality with the certificate ISO 9001. Moreover, some of our advantages are  the competitive prices and the direct  and rapid distribution  of our products to our customers.



The basic advantage of our materials against the rest materials that circulate in the  market, are that constitute ready solutions in the daily problems of manufacturing of lounges, offering at the constructor better result in less production time.

JGS SA the last five year period advanced in direct distribution of the products in the constructors. The result of this act is quickest service and direct contact with the final consumer. Furthermore, due to the bypass of intermediates ( the materials are channeled by the producer direct to the consumer), is ensured a reduction of prices up to 30% from those that prevail n the market.

The most important advantage of JGS SA constitutes the possibility of technical support for our customers, from specialized executives, who try to face any problem may come up during the producing.

JGS SA is developing continuously, trying to give a complete solution of services that you need from the supplier – collaborator, avoiding the simple and impersonal after-sale of certain materials.